Ladies and Gentlemen,

Our company operates in a unique niche of air conditioning industry, which ensures appropriate environmental conditions for the operation of IT, telecoms and energy systems used in places where precise air conditioning is required, e.g. hospital operating theatres, laboratories etc.

New solutions introduced in these branches, especially in IT industry, pose new equipment challenges, in particular in the field of high concentration of equipment with increasing heat emissions.

Since the beginning of 2009, when prices of electric power were released, it has become necessary to promote the most efficient technologies reducing the consumption of electric power and greenhouse gases used in the process of cooling air by air conditioning units.

Basing on many years’ experience in the industry (since 1978), our company has joined its undertakings with Emerson Network Power (former Hiross and Liebert-Hiross), a global market leader and a supplier of a wide range of equipment, which guarantees meeting the required environmental conditions for the operation of equipment, including processing data to the largest DATA CENTERS which are currently used by IT companies as well as financial and telecoms institutions .

With EMERSON NETWORK POWER products, we are capable of ensuring very strict environmental requirements for metric laboratories as well as quality control units of various industries.

Partnership with EMERSON NETWORK POWER, the leader on this market, and the obtained licences enable us to ensure a well-functioning technical service with unlimited access to original spare parts, service trainings at the manufacturer’s headquarters as well as support in developing new projects involving the use of the most efficient air conditioning technologies.

Our offer comprises 24/7/365 service and maintenance of not only Emerson Network Power devices, but also equipment manufactured by other producers of precision air conditioning units present on the market.

Our offer has been extended with a so-called lump sum agreement with the response time up to 3 hours.

The complementation of our offer is comfort air conditioning sold and serviced by our company. Equipment manufactured by Fujitsu, Climaveneta, Delonghi and Daikin are the basis of this product group.

Should you have any questions or doubts, do not hesitate to contact us.

Best regards,

Jan Baron
PUK Vice-President